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Elliott Holland

managing Partner

     Mr. Holland leads complex due diligence processes for clients in order to improve likelihood of closing and to protect the investments his clients make in businesses.  He is a Harvard Business School trained, seasoned buy-side advisor who draws strength and differentiation from having led deals on both sides of the table. (As a private equity investor & as a business owner seeking capital). 

     He has 15+ years experience in the area of Due Diligence, specifically executing on full diligence processes using his own expertise in order to delay the use of outside legal and accounting counsel allowing clients to evaluate more deals and avoid blown deal fees! ($100K + per blown deal). He also uses his management consulting toolkit to drive significant company growth allowing his clients to see above average returns.

     Since 2009, Mr. Holland has worked for and with the nation’s best family offices, independent business buyers, and management consulting firms.  He began his career in the Strategy Practice at Accenture and then moved on to work at Linx Partners, The Watermill Group, Ellsworth Partners, and Spartan Capital Partners.  The firms he has worked for have completed over over $4.7 Billion in transactions and have successfully bought and scaled over 57 private, primarily owner-operated businesses. Before entering the buyout world, Mr. Holland was an entrepreneur running his own healthcare technology company where he successfully negotiated with leading investors including Blue Cross Blue Shield Venture PartnersHLM Venture PartnersMerrick Ventures, and Sandbox Industries.

     He has experience on both sides of the table – on the entrepreneurial side raising capital and the investor side making prudent decisions with capital. He is one of the few deal guys with deep experience doing both.

     Mr. Holland holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a Bachelor of Science degree from Morehouse College, where he was Phi Beta Kappa, and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. 

Brian Gustason

Operating Partner-advisor

       Mr. Gustason drives ROI & EBITDA growth through sales & marketing – leading to outsized returns for investors.  He can assess the current state, create dynamic plans to improve, and deliver on those plans to accelerate the path of growth post-acquisition.  He is highly sought after because of his experience as a business operator, independent business buyer, and sales & marketing executive.  He did his undergraduate training at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and finished his MBA at Oxford University (Said School of Business).

     Mr. Gustason independently acquired a service business & performed a turnaround/restructuring on his own dime.  Within 3 years, he was able to grow revenue 2.5x and beat customer acquisition and margin improvement projections by 30%.

     He has 20+ years experience driving revenue growth through better strategy and using the strategy to drive the sales & execution plan leading to growth. He has executed in entrepreneurial environments, small and medium businesses, and Fortune 1,000 companies which gives him vision into a wide range of issues facing companies of all sizes.  

      Mr. Gustason is a Partner at BG Advisors where he specializes in advising family offices, private equity firms, & other investors on how to achieve significant revenue & EBITDA growth in their portfolio.  He has provided sales & marketing diligence, restructured sales & marketing organizations,  lead processes to develop sound investment thesis, and sat on boards helping to shape & grow businesses.    

     Mr. Gustason has lead sales & marketing for both private equity backed & publicly listed companies.  He began his career at Booze Allen Hamilton doing strategy consulting.  

     Mr. Gustason holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Oxford University’s Said School of Business.  He lives north of Atlanta with his wife and kids.    





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