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We help family offices execute direct private equity deals

Looking to do direct private equity deals? We can help!

Direct deals are hard.  Wouldn’t you like a seasoned deal professional on your side helping you execute better deals with higher ROI?  

How Do We Help?:

  • Deal Sourcing: who are the most attractive target companies that match our strategy?
  • Preliminary Negotiations: will these top targets agree to explore a deal on favorable terms?
  • Transaction Structuring: what deal structure will ensure we achieve our objectives?
  • Strategic Due Diligence: do the targets’ financials & operations hold up under closer analysis?
  • Transaction Completion: what else do we need to do in order to ensure a successful transaction?
  • Post-Close Growth Planning: what operational levers will grow the business? how can we maximized ROI/IRR?

Guardian allows family offices to take back control of their PE investments, focus their investment in areas where their own resources can positively affect returns, and not have their cash locked up in someone else’s hands for 10 years.

Guardian enables a cost effective way to go-to market quicker doing high return Direct PE deals!

Our Approach

Financial & Accounting Diligence

The #1 task in any due diligence process is to ensure that the company is actually generating the revenue and profits that it reports.  Guardian reconciles bank statements, to tax returns, to financials from their accounting system making it virtually impossible to misrepresent company financials.  

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Operational Diligence

The return on a Direct Private Equity deals is completely based on the sustainability and growth of the business over the investment period.  Operational diligence picks apart the business model, isolates the key drivers of revenue and profit, and then models out how those drivers may change over time.  Once you know the drivers of value – it becomes far easier to drive company results as it simplifies the process significantly.

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Legal Diligence

The legal docs are the investor’s best tool to protect their investment.  It is mission critical that the documents hold all parties accountable for what they’ve committed to doing.  Additionally, all the key risks are listed in these documents and how the risk is shared between parties is captured and agreed to in the legal docs.  Lawyers can help refine the document.  But it takes a business mind that is legally-inclined to leverage the legal documents as a form of competitive advantage on the deal.   

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Guardian provides all services needed to start doing direct private equity deals today. These skills are hard to find - we solve that problem for you! If you've struggled with doing direct deals - Guardian can get you there!


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