Guardian Due Diligence

We perform due diligence on private equity acquisitions in order to keep your investment safe.

For family offices and independent investors - we have a solution for you!

Concerned you will lose millions on a bad deal?

Our seasoned deal professionals can lead the diligence process for you and prevent you from investing millions into a bad business.

How We Work: 

Due Diligence Process Execution (you have a deal signed up): We can work with you to structure a due diligence process and lead that process from beginning to end ensuring the best chance of success.

Confirmatory Due Diligence (you’ve done some work but aren’t finished):  We can use our methods to provide a second opinion or confirmatory review of your deal providing a list of key risks to consider before closing.


Our Approach

Financial & Accounting Diligence

Sellers can be deceiving – how will you know the revenue and profits are real?  We’ll dig past the financial statements and dive into bank bank statements and tax returns as part of our proprietary process.     

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Operational Diligence

The seller won’t be as motivated after he/she gets a big check.  Will the customers stay if the seller isn’t around? Will the employees work as hard for you as they did for the prior owner?  Guardian has a comprehensive list of items to check and methods to verify the operation will continue as promised.

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Legal Diligence

How will you ensure the legal documents protect your investment without getting gouged by attorneys? We know that not all lawyers are equal.  Our preferred list of transaction attorneys are both cost effective and know how to structure docs to keep your investment safe.     

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Don't risk losing millions of dollars on a bad deal!

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