Financial & Accounting Diligence

–   Over 50% of sellers grossly overstating profits.

–  Each dollar of overstated profit nets a 4-8x multiple in valuation so the stakes are high.    

–  Even experienced buyers fail.  Guardian Due Diligence brings over 20+ years and thousands of deals worth of experience.  We can verify the accuracy of the financials so you can make the right acquisition decision.  


Review of Financials

3 years historical plus year to date monthly financials (income sheet, balance sheet, cash flow statement). 


Review of Tax Returns & Bank Statements

3 years of historical tax returns & 3 years of bank statements.  

Review of Non-Recurring Expenses

There are typically some expenses incurred under former ownership that will not be part of the business under the buyer’s ownership.  

Proof of Cash

Mission Critical.  Reconcile & ensure that company provided financials match their bank statements.  (*sample available)

Business Operating Model

How does the business make money? What drives the revenue up and down. What drives the costs up and down?  

5-Year Pro Forma Projection

Five year financial projections taking into account the deal structure and amount of debt to service after the deal closes.   

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