Elliott Holland describes key issues in diligence on The Due Diligence Project Podcast

Elliott Holland
Elliott Holland
Supporting investors new to direct private equity deals

This week Founding Partner Elliott Holland was featured on The Due Diligence Project with Alex Sonkin.

Link to full interview:

The Due Diligence Project™ is a unique, global community of 175 elite, independent CPA Firms and Family Offices with access to a one of a kind open-source network of Best-In-Class Peer-Reviewed Resources organized by Virtual Family Office (VFO) Hub.

What you will learn from this podcast:

  • Why due diligence is even more important now during the Coronavirus crisis
  • How family offices handle due diligence and why they need someone like Elliott
  • How to navigate through this challenging time and get to a great spot
  • How it’s important to consider what the company has done during the last downturn in order to think ahead
  • How there still are ways to turn uncertainty into opportunity
  • How investors should have a process in place to eliminate emotions when investing and bring more value to their clients

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