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Needs Assessment

Think of us as a security guard for your private equity investment!

There are 10 key functions a Family Office must be able to perform to do direct deals. How ready are you?


 We provide a one-hour needs assessment that will provide a score & give you areas where you may have blind spots on doing direct deals.

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Key Areas Required to Execute Direct Private Equity Deals

Deal Sourcing & Valuation

All Family Offices have some level of deal flow.  Deals from friends, incoming deals from intermediaries, and “country club” deals come all the time.  However, for most investment firms – deals from these sources are less than 25% of total deals in the pipeline.  How do you get to the other 75%?  Are you being efficient in doing it?  Is a broker based search more efficient?  What about a prioprietary search?  Guardian can help you evaluate the best path given your goals and then assess your ability to fill a robust deal pipeline – which is a mission critical success factor for doing direct private equity deals.

Small, Private Company, Due Diligence

Due diligence is the process of ensuring that the information provided by the target company is indeed accurate and verifiable.  After the validity of the information is confirmed, then one must consider the 5 – 10 year sustainability of cash flows from the business in order to determine if an investment today will generate an appropriate return (ROI).  For companies under $20 million – there are very few good advisors for this work.  Furthermore, the issues in these businesses are nuanced and very hard to to discover.  You need advisors with 10+ years experience evaluating and executing small business acquisitions.  You need Guardian.

Legal Diligence

The legal docs are the investor’s best tool to protect their investment.  However, lawyers are paid by the hour and it is had to determine if your current lawyer is any good at deals?  Or really just a contract lawyer or general counsel? Guardian can manage your attorney or suggest one of our vetted preferred partners.   Lawyers can help create & refine the documents.  But it takes a business mind that is legally-inclined to manage the attorneys and ensure the documents protect your investment.  Guardian had found that  the legal documents are often a form of competitive advantage on the deal – if structured correctly.   

Family Offices execute public market & real estate investments better than anyone. As they move into direct private equity deals without the help of experienced deal professionals - they often lose money unnecessarily. Take our assessment & save yourself time and money!


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